Boutique construction and property management firm based in Seattle.  Our mission - provide our clients with tailored, luxury services.




From inception to completion, there are multiple crticical steps during a construction or tenant improvement project.  PCMC's team of experienced project managers can help you through contract negotiations, schedule planning, vendor management, and onsite management.

Property Management

Whether single family, luxury high-rise, or commercial real estate quality management of your property is essential to your investment.  PCMC offers a variety of property  management services including:


Consulting & Project Management


You have the vision, you have the plan, but now you need to effectively communicate and implement your project.  Our team of experienced construction liaison and project management professionals can  help guide you through this process.  From tenant communications, to social media campaigns, building a project schedule.  


“Communication, Cooperation, Teamwork & Quality Services - that is the PCMC promise.”


With 30+ years of construction and property management experience, the PCMC team is uniquely positioned to provide best in class services. We bring our passion and experience to every project and believe strongly in communication, cooperation, teamwork, and quality.  By creating a communication system that meets your needs and project requirements, we insure that timely information is provided to all team members. Communication, Cooperation, Teamwork & Quality Services -that is the PCMC promise.